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Bastard child :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 8 6 This is a joke guys XD :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 6 27 The human doll :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 11 17 Colored them :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 10 5 What Julius :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 6 11 A true terrifying couple :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 12 18 Avril meets Lucy :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 13 9 Don't be scared :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 12 28 We had dreams back then :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 4 3 Marion's first baby girl :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 5 16 Colored this toddler :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 6 3 Sketch of toddler Jak :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 7 9 Marion's red dress :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 8 29 Glass Joe colored :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 4 0 Marion in a formal dress :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 6 9 Punch out: Von Kaiser :iconpajakgirl:Pajakgirl 4 1


Bastard child
Well I did a picture like this for Avril and Julius, so why not do one for my most fucked up character.

Of course in the drawing I had to draw the freakiest ghost that followed him in life.
This is a joke guys XD
Totally an original slender oc!!!!!! Do not steal or criticize without my approvals like duh fuk I get so mad when people to shit like give my feed back!!!!!

Name: Original, sexy, hot, cute, funky fresh, skinny woman!!

Sex: Girl

Age: Unknown

Family: She is Slender man's sister, aunt, cousin, mother thing XD

Looks: Tall, cute, brown hair duh! white because all slender beings needs to be white or with a face. Um she wears skimpy out fits and tight cloths but she's not a slut!!!

Origins: Unknown because fuck writhing an origin for her. All slender creations don't need that

Proxies: Everyone!!
With her proxies she fucks them all, especially females because kinky hot bondage stuff yeah!! She still isn't a whore guys come one. Also, she isn't a clone of her brothers al allllllllllll

Personality: Um....funny, shy, scared, friendly, not sexy, not horny but like fucking her proxies, etc...I don't know like don't judge meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sexuality : because this is so important because yeah, she is a lesbian because sexy kinky things can happen.

Tendrils: They come from her back or hair because it's original like omg!!!

Seriously let's talk:

Guys I'm sick of this. I really am....I hate seeing the same type of slender man/woman beings in the slender and or Creepypasta fandom. You know what I'm mean. The pail skin, face or no face, long hair for females, tendrils from the back, human clothing with no original spin on them, no back story or origin of where they come from, related to the original slender brothers, etc...

It's over and done with!
Why are these the types of slender creations that get popular. Most of them are rip offs of the original slender brothers. Others are clearly just genderbends too. For personality, why do they have to be always shy or just have no real traits what's so ever?

Finally, I hate seeing adorable or cute slender beings. They hate humans and are monsters! Why make them cute it's stupid and makes you part of the cancer.
The human doll
Julius takes pride in staying into character. She never smiles or shows any emotion when she's like this. How she dose this is by using various makeup designs to achieve this scary and unsettling look.
What Julius
I made a quick sketch of these two.

Julius is just following her big brother for no real reason. While Caesar finally asks why she's doing this XD
Tagged ((AKA trolled)) by XD by

Deadly Gaser by:

Nemesis by ((I know she's kind of a new character, but I'm interested in knowing more))

Isaac Owen and Jessica Smith by:

Sister by: distortinglullaby.deviantart.c…

Addison by…

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Kylie by…

1. Post these rules. 
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters. 
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

characters I'm using "Hyperactive" Shooter and "Mama's little doll"

Hyperactive Shooter: 

1: He believes that Slender beings are like Gods and wishes to work with atleast one of them, as a proxy. 

2: His favorite Slender being is Santaman because his father works for him. Also, that Santaman is like, Zeus to all Slender beings.   

3: Caesar truly only eats what he hunts and catches. Even if his mother ties to feed him with a warm meal, he would refuse to take it. 

4: Deer, fish, wild barries, rodents, frogs, and possibly humans are his favorite foods.   

5: his crossbow only weighs about 80 pounds. To him that is light to carry. 

6: He loves to fight and wrestle around with his dad and other proxies. This is just a test of strength to him. 

7: He has never watched tv in his life , and never entered a city or town. 

8: He focus more on running and lifting, then flexibility.  

Mama's little doll: 

1: Her dolls name "Rex" came from a person's skin,who was named Rex 

2: She has no interest in proxies or slender beings. She finds them way too normal. 

3: She always wonders what a "normal" child life is because she is aware that her life and family isn't "normal" to societies standards.

5: Her mother protects her a lot beacuse she is her first ever daughter. 

6: Reason why she likes dresssing as a doll is because dolls are beautiful, yet have a dark history of scaring people. So, she finds them perfect to represent herself as. Plus dolls are aloud to keep one facial feature, that's how she usually is. 

7: she also had never watched tv or been to a city. 

8: She wishes she could spend more time with her father, but doesn't know how to bring it up to him. 


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United States
hello Pajak here!, A quick summary of me is I love horror, anime, darwing, and CreepyPasta. I'm pretty nice and just wanna draw for others and myself. I will do free request all the time, so that's one reason why to watch me XD

My favorite things are Monsters or any other type of energy drinks, LOZ or anything from Nintendo, criticism, biking, cats, dogs, hamsters, and basically life. I try to be happy and cheerful most of the time.


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